Tyco SCATS™ Presence

SCATS™ in 250+ Cities Controlling 35,000+ Intersections

As the leader in Urban Traffic Control, we provide solutions to keep traffic moving adaptively and efficiently in urban road networks and at the same time ensuring road users are safe and well-informed.

Together with our local partners, Tyco Traffic & Transportation designs, markets, manufactures, installs, operates, maintains and supports its range of urban traffic control products/systems world-wide.

With over 40 years of experience in traffic controller design, Tyco Traffic & Transportation provides traffic control products with unmatched reliability and industry leading features. Our first micro-processor based traffic controller developed in the early 1970’s provided the distributed intelligence for spearheading the development of SCATS™ real-time adaptive urban traffic control system.

After capturing almost all of the Australian traffic controller market in the 1980’s, Tyco Traffic & Transportation began exporting SCATS™ and its range of traffic control equipment. The initial successes in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong, help to rapidly expand SCATS™ system installations to the current 250+ cities in 27 countries and licensed to control over 37,000 intersections.


Tyco Traffic & Transportation’s flagship product is the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS™) as developed by the Roads and Traffic Authority. SCATS™ uses a responsive approach to Urban Traffic Control by measuring the traffic flow through an intersection and then automatically adjusting cycle lengths, splits and offsets between intersections to maximize throughput, minimize delays and reduce the number of stops en route. All the following SCATS™ systems installed outside of Australasia including Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, USA and Qatar have been supplied and installed by TT&T and its in-country distributors.

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Traffic Signal Controllers

Tyco Traffic Signal Controllers have an established pedigree as a leading SCATS™ compatible traffic controllers. Our present Eclipse product meets the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) type approval for TSC4 specification controllers. Prior generation controllers produced by Tyco have included the PSC, Delta 5.

In total over 25000 traffic signal controllers have been supplied by Tyco for SCATS™ and other systems worldwide.

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LED Traffic Signal Lanterns

Tyco LED Traffic Signal Lanterns are NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and VicRoads type approved aluminium housings and polycarbonate aspects with a range of roundel, arrow and symbolic displays to meet the various requirements of our Australian and New Zealand customers.


SOTU Interface for SCATS™

The SOTU (SCATS™ Outstation Transmission Unit) is an interface device to allow non-SCATS™ compatible controllers to operate under the SCATS™ umbrella. SCATS™ and the user sees the local controller as a normal SCATS™ compatible controller. Two models are available:

  • Serial version which communicates with the local controller via a RS232 serial link. All adaptive SCATS™ features are available for up to 24 detectors and 24 groups. Even hardware monitoring (detectors, lamp failures, loads etc) is supported.
  • Parallel version which interfaces to the local controller via dedicated wired connections to force stages and to obtain signal green status and detectors. All adaptive SCATS™ features are available for up to 16 detectors and 16 groups. Hardware monitoring of detectors is supported as is some local controller status alarms.

To date SOTU’s have been successfully integrated to ten different local controllers in cities as diverse as Sao Paulo, Brasil and Lodz, Poland.


USA Controller Solutions

Special controller solutions have been developed by TT&T for US controllers including 2070 and T170 model controllers. This exclusive software is used in all our US SCATS™ cities. In addition, special communications have been developed by TT&T for USA SCATS™ installations.

TT&T is currently porting the USA Controller Solution to the new generation of LINUX based controllers.

Bluetooth Travel Time/Speed Measurement System

Tyco Bluetooth Travel Time/Speed Measurement field units are designed to be mounted on a pole in designated locations of the road network to detect unique Bluetooth MAC addresses from mobile phones, ear phones and in-vehicle hand free audio systems passing within 50 meters. The system is able to provide real time travel time/speed for display and as input to supplement Urban Traffic Control.

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SCATS™-Meridian ITS System

Tyco SCATS™-Meridian ITS System is the marriage of two very successful systems to provide an integrated solution for the management of traffic and Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions.

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