Using in-road and/or above road sensors, and by sending second by second instructions to traffic signal controllers to manage signal timings, SCATS™ automatically maximises traffic throughput, minimises delays and minimises the number of stops en- route.

SCATS™ does not require operator intervention for its day-to-day operation. However, operators have instant access to traffic flow information, system status and faults right down to the level of a single failed lamp. SCATS™ adapts itself to the demands of changing traffic flows. For instance, it can adopt a strategy to clear sudden and unpredictable traffic loads such as weather changes, sports and concert event audiences. It also monitors rapidly changing traffic conditions that can occur in normal traffic or especially when there is a breakdown, accident or roadworks or adverse weather. It continuously adjusts signal timings cycle by cycle to optimise flow by measuring the density of vehicles in each lane.

At a typical Traffic Management Centre, operations staff is responsible for monitoring the overall system. They observe traffic flow using SCATS™ and under exceptional circumstances can manually override traffic signal operation.

SCATS™ has language capability so that any language can be used for the main SCATS™ user interface called SCATS™Access.

SCATS™ is the most practical Adaptive UTC system in the world. It is a traffic engineer’s toolbox with practical tools for all traffic situations – not a simulation of theoretical premises. SCATS™ has and continues to be developed by practical hand-on Traffic Engineers working in real time situations.

The laboratory for SCATS™ “testing” consists of over 3000 live intersections in Sydney, Australia. SCATS™ users are not confronted by difficult to understand jargon often associated with transportation theory. The RTA’s SCATS™ developers are also system users and practitioners who take their turn with management of peak and off-peak hour traffic situations so that they maintain “hands-on” experience.

For more information refer to the office SCATS website: RMS SCATS Website

SCATS™ is a registered trademark of the Roads & Traffic Authority of New South Wales in Australia and other countries. RTA requires all end users to sign an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) before installing SCATS™ Tyco Traffic & Transportation is an independent distributor of SCATS™ and is not an agent of the RTA Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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