The Tyco SCATS™-Meridian ITS System is designed to address the typical requirements for integrated / Intelligent Transport System

By joining the two highly successful Tyco Meridian and SCATS™ systems together, the combination:

  • provides a fully Integrated System/ Intelligent Transport System solution
  • enhances the proven advanced urban traffic control system functions of SCATS™
  • addresses the needs of customer for CCTV, VMS, website and other media sytem integration
  • comes from just one comprehensive solution provider with in-house expertise in both systems for seamless integration and expert support

Integrated ITS Subsystem

  • Single GUI
  • Coordinated Incident response
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Operations and Audit Log

Electronic Signs & Detectors

  • All equipment is continuously monitored for current state and alarm conditions
  • Conflict resolution - Meridian will re-command any device that does not report an expected state
  • Real state shown on GIS and Schematic screens
  • All state and alarm changes recorded in system log
  • Full transport logging for diagnostic purposes

Analogue & Digital Video

  • Interface to dedicated Video Systems
  • Integrated video monitor & control
  • Macro Recall
  • Full Pan/Tilt/Zoom features
  • Camera position presets aimed at specific location or device
  • Scripted Macro/Preset Recall to respond to events (e.g. Overheigh Vehicle Detection or Emergency Phone activation)

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