To perform in the most demanding conditions, the ECLIPSE is designed to be outstandingly reliable – proven by various through independent field studies. This reputation for faultless performance is the reason traffic engineers have favoured the ECLIPSE as they did for the famous PSC for the most demanding circumstances.


  • RTA TSC4 type approved and SCATS™ (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) compatible
  • ECLIPSE can be easily configured to manage intersections from small and simple intersections to large and complex intersections
  • Flexible modes of operation from manual, semi-vehicle actuated to fully adaptive intersection control
  • ECLIPSE can operate in stand alone mode or in an integrated traffic control network
  • Increased intersection safety through failsafe independent HW and SW conflict monitoring system
  • ECLIPSE can operates in a number of fallback modes in the event of communication failure with the central traffic management system
  • ECLIPSE provides intersection status information such as lamp and detector failure, door open etc
  • Improved maintenance scheduling through performing continuous comprehensive self checking with exterior fault logging
  • Automatic lamp monitoring that detects and notifies lamp failure(s) of any colour and signal group. LED compatible
  • Site identification protection
  • Independent self-checking dual conflict monitoring
  • Battery saved error and fault log containing time tagged fault data
  • Simple intersection customisation with DATGEN, NGEN or XL configurators
  • Optional Gas detection
  • Optional GPS clock synchronisation
  • Optional Ethernet port

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